Vastu For Industrial Land

Vastu For Industrial Land

Choose the right land for industries

In the present day, more and more people consult vastu experts before purchasing a plot, whether for residential or commercial use. When it comes to choosing a plot, Vastu can help keep out negative energies, which can cause severe health issues and financial losses.

An alignment of the plot's geometric axis with the earth's magnetic axis is recommended. One plot side should be parallel with the north-south direction, and the other should be parallel with the east-west direction. The land is not conducive to overall growth, peace, or happiness if not aligned north-south. Measure the size, level, and angle of the parcels. There should be additions and alterations to the plot if it does not comply with Vastu principles.

Vastu Tips For Industrial Land

In the north-east zone, ponds and rivers should be located and in the south-west zone, mounds and hillocks should be built. The construction of a factory in such a location would benefit you greatly.

Brings heaps of benefits in business

The selection of a plot in Vastu is influenced by several factors, such as the type of soil, the shape, the surrounding environment, and others. Subsequent are some Vastu tips for plot selection.

  • Overall growth and prosperity should be higher in the south and west and lower in the north and east.
  • Industrial plots are ideally square.
  • Rectangles are also acceptable provided that the ratio of length to breadth is not more than 1:4 or 1:5.
  • It is considered bad to have odd shapes such as triangles, rounds, etc.
  • An industrial plot from different angles. A symmetrical design isn't always the best. 

Vastu for Industrial Land

The factory should not be built or purchased in a place with high buildings, hills, rocks, or large trees such as the pipal or banyan tree in the north-east zone and deep pits, ponds, and rivers in the south-west zone. There are various problems and financial losses that lead to factories closing down in such places.

Avoid dirty drain or a big drain for construction. These drains smell bad, which makes working difficult and causes health problems for workers.

On a plot with power lines above, building a factory is not a good idea. The health of those living there is compromised by electromagnetic waves, which are quite harmful. Industrial plots should not be built near high-pressure transformers.

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