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Numerology Expert

Discovering your personal lucky number

You might be witnessing repeating numbers in your life, this is every time not a co-incidence but an indication. You should be aware of how numbers can play an important role in your life. You should be aware of how these numbers are presenting a part of numerology that can guide you in life.

A master numerologist who has been in practice for over a decade explains that numerology is an ancient mystical science that explains deeper meanings behind numbers. Modern Numerology is a self-help tool which provides insight and direction. Its philosophy states that all things have an individual vibration, including humans.

A numeric code, for example, can be derived from your name and birthdate that will identify the outstanding characteristics and even life lessons that you have experienced. You can use this approach as you examine your significant numbers.

Numerology: Understanding the details

  • The Origins of Numerology 
  • Number theory is based on philosophies dating back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, India, and Sumer. Divine forces were described by numbers everywhere.
  • A Numerology Life Path Number Explained and Calculated
  • Your Life Path number is a good way to begin using numerology in your daily life, as it can give you an idea of what your focus is this lifetime. Numbers are linked to challenges, which bring out the qualities associated with them.
  • The Life Path Number - How to Figure It Out
    • How to determine your Life Path number:
    • If you have a birthday on a specific day of the month, add the year on top of the month and day separately. If, for example, your birth date was 11/20/1985, you would calculate it in this way:-11 + 20 = 31. Set aside 31.
    • You now need to add up the birth year numbers. If we stick with the same example, 1+9+8+5 = 23.
    • Next, you need to add the number that is derived from your birth day and month back to the birth year number that you arrived at. In this instance, 54 would be the result.
    • You have now added the two digits together to make one number. This person has a life path of 9, since 5 + 4 = 9.

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