Vastu For Industry

Vastu For Industry

Increase the production and work

Production should be increased in industries such that finished goods will move. In general, Vastu principles can lead to more production, more sales, fewer labor problems, and more pleasant working conditions. Whatever the business, these principles should be closely followed along with the preparation of the building, the construction of the building, the installation of machinery, and the dispatch of the products.

Vastu For Industry

The significance of Vastu cannot be showy, no matter what type of industry you are in. As you prepare a building, place the machines, manufacture and pack products, you should keep this in mind and reality. The results can be smooth, giving your business a good start and a boost. It is important to understand how each Vastu direction contributes to this balance, among many others.

Vastu Tips For Industry

No matter what production methods, process flows, etc. are used, Vastu Shastra principles can be applied in a wide range of industries. An industry's structure should be analyzed carefully during Vastu analysis.

Here are some Vastu tips for industries.

  • There will be a slope to the north or east of the factory floor.
  • Construction of a water tank should be in the northeast.
  • The west will have an overhead water tank.
  • The factory building will be built with a toilet block in its South South west or WNW. 
  • In the south or west zones, the staircase will be constructed clockwise.
  • The administration and human resources division should be located in the eastern zone.
  • A northeast quadrant will be occupied by the accounts department.
  • Southwest is the location of the master chamber.
  • The south and west walls will be used for heavy machinery.
  • The northeast quadrant should be chosen as a sacred corner.

In terms of products and processes, every industrial shed is unique. Some processes are more important in various industries than others, even though all production cycle processes are equally important. The luxury accessory industry, for example, places a high value on design and style. A food processing industry prioritizes quality, taste, and texture over packaging. As well, the heating and melting of iron is a key activity in the steel and iron manufacturing industries. The southeast corner would be an ideal location for an industrial shed. For machinery, the west and south would be the best directions.

Vastu For Machinery: Following them is imperative

The industry relies heavily on machinery. Not putting it in the proper place can lead to problems such as improper functioning, accidents, and additional maintenance costs. Place machinery in favorable directions to avoid these problems. Keep in mind:

  • Place heavier machines in the south, west, or west-southwest.
  • North-West and south-east are improved directions for lighter machines.
  • Maintain an empty and tidy corner in the northeast. Machines should not be placed there.
  • Equipment should not be placed in the center of the shed.
  • Place the machinery in a way that allows the production process to flow clockwise.
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