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Seema Bhattia comes from a prominent business family in Delhi and is a well-known name in the Vastu world. With a bachelor's degree in science, silver medalist in interior designing, and an Indian entrepreneurship award winner for 2021 from the most reputable organization; she can offer clients effective solutions to difficult problems with her deep understanding of Vastu.

Vastu Experience
Build a better life with Better Surroundings.

Known for counseling homes, offices, businesses, and commercial buildings, she is a highly qualified and professional Vastu consultant. Her belief in Vastu stemmed from her being a science student, as it is a vast and scientific subject that relies on a logical approach and a great deal of knowledge. Interior designing was her passion, and she began her journey from there. Meanwhile, she discovered the benefits of Vastu along the way, and she decided to learn it first. As a result of her incredible insight and expertise, she has been able to create the most pleasant and successful environments in many different locations.

Here's How She Works.

Her Vastu Consultation Process is simple to understand. As quickly and as easily as possible, her goal is to bring immense wealth, health, and prosperity to my clients. She works on simple process following six steps.

  • Proposal explaining the process She begins the process with a proposal where the whole information of the site is included like size, location, and floors. This stands different for the purpose concerning residential, commercial, and industrial. Looking at your comfort, she is available via email, Skype, and WhatsApp, as well as on-site with a consultation. After knowing the details I will assist you with the price.
  • Understanding the basics and details The next step is to have a clear understanding and for that, she will need the details. For example, if you need guidance for a particular floor, then she needs the property's floor plan and data on the occupants. Via any mode of conversation, she will ask about the location and the nearby area.
  • Site Survey & Google Mapping Vastu is all about detailing and bringing out the information with compass reading on that basis only. Vastu helps in creating the right plans for buildings, homes, offices, with the correct ready. Using a confirmation map, she confirms the measurements on the map to get a very accurate reading.
  • Vastu Analysis & Right Evaluation She conducts a thorough study and evaluation by using charts, bar graphs, graphs, and grading tables prepared by our Vastu Shastra Consultants. The techniques are instinctive, straightforward, and highly effective in providing the right set of solutions to the clients.
  • Report by Vastu Consultants She believes you will get the right analysis report if your work is based on the principles with the right knowledge. Following an Online Vastu Consultation of three days and personal consultation of seven days, you will receive a written report with remedies from her.
  • Vastu Follow-up, keeping a check on you An eye is regularly kept with the follow-up routine and these services assess the effectiveness of the Vastu implementation. This helps you remain confident in the results that you have invested in at the right place and you will get the right way of solution.